September Meeting

Here is an update from our meeting on September 15, 2012!

It’s good to be back at a meeting after a summer hiatus!  There were about 35 in attendance at the meeting.  (I’ve realized that I’ll have to keep better notes for my next blog post.  I was too busy having fun!  Teehee!)

Deanna kicked off the year with a great meeting.










Our president Deanna lead our business meeting.  There was plenty of exciting news to present about upcoming events:  Our October trip to the Olentangy Doll Show, the Mardi Gras Luncheon in June, and the trip to Washington DC in July with a stop at the UFDC Sales Room!  Click on events for more information.

Shirley gave the club her delegate report from the 63rd UDFC Annual Convention that was held in New Orleans in July.  Delegates brought a great display of dolls and souvenirs from this year’s convention.


After the meeting, we all enjoyed the delicious Italian Buffet. It’s a club favorite!

During dessert, Laura presented the club’s trial Cleveland Doll Club website.  If you’re here, you already know about it!  We will be  discussing issues and voting on whether to keep the website at the October meeting.

Barb, Pat, and Jeanne, our club’s delegates to the UFDC convention, shared fun stories about the events and programs.  Barb showed us a few dolls designed by artist Joan Greene who will do the souvenir doll for the 2013 UFDC convention.  Pat shared some beautiful dolls and her good luck in winning some  It does help when you stuff the helper bag with tickets, but winning the center piece was truly lucky 😉  Jeanne shared the beautiful cape that she made.

Barb shows us dolls designed by Joan Greene

Pat shows a doll so all can see.

Jeanne and the gorgeous cap that she made!


Next we listened and followed Michele’s and Linda’s directions to make a very cute dolly suitcase using a small tin and the materials that we brought.  Here’s what it looked like:

Here’s what is inside.

Suitcase closed.

The quote on the inside says:  “Know first, who you are, and then, adorn yourself accordingly. – Epictetus”





Michele and Linda were so organized and kept us on track.  Even those of us who aren’t too crafty managed to follow along and our finished products looked unique and beautiful!  I’m sure that our dolls loved them!

Michele guiding us through the process.

I neglected to get a picture of Linda.  I’m so sorry!  By the time I got going on my craft project, I was too focused to remember to take pictures!

This was a fun meeting for all who attended.  I hope that you enjoyed this informal recap!

Your website designer and blogger,

Laura Bogush.


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