A Wilde Weekend

A Wilde Weekend

This article by member Sandy Pelphrey was recently published in The Weekly Villager.

The weekend of October 5th through the 7th will officially now be known as the very first “Wilde Weekend”. At least as far as Ellownye Wilde doll collectors are concerned.
The Robert Tonner owned doll company Wilde Imagination Inc. launched their first-ever doll convention for the Wilde Imagination doll collectors. Wilde Imagination Inc. headquartered in Mullica Hill, New Jersey was established in 2006 to develop and market designer products unlike anything else on the market today. The Ellowyne Wilde line of dolls, fashions and accessories created by Robert Tonner, Evangeline Ghastley, their newest and tiniest doll of all, Amelia Thimble and their new steampunk line Imperium Park are all included in this line. These dolls are all sold directly to collectors.
Be assured, Elloywne is different. Along with her unique fashion sense, she suffers from chronic ennui (a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction – hence her therapy sessions), reads Slyvia Plath, writes poetry, and believes you are what you eat. All of this parallels the story line of this doll and the continuing growth in popularity of this new doll line.
The convention attendees were entertained and educated as the weekend progressed with activities, luncheons, dinners and even a couple of costume contests, yours truly of course did not win any such contests, but I digress. The new fall lines were introduced as we looked on with great anticipation. There is truly something for everyone.
One large factor of the success of the weekend has to be awarded to the actual hotel that the event was held in. The Seelbach Hilton Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky is magnificent.  Considered a premiere hotel in Kentucky, The Seelbach is located in the heart of downtown Louisville’s business and entertainment district, close to Churchhill Downs, Yum Center Arena, Kentucky Center for the Arts and many other attractions.
The Golden Era landmark inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to use the location as a backdrop for Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s wedding in The Great Gatsby. The 107-year-old hotel has housed many high-profile people, including a duchess, nine presidents, and 14 Grammy-winning musical groups. The lower level Rathskeller is the only surviving Rookwood-Pottery room in the world. The 4200-square foot space features medieval architecture and the dance sponsored by Wilde Imagination was held in this room. What an experience that was! You really didn’t have to dance to be entertained by all of the history surrounding you in this space.
The weekend was wrapped up in true doll convention and Robert Tonner style with all attendees receiving a beautiful Ellowyne Wilde limited edition doll. Very happy collectors left Louisville, Kentucky with a beautiful new doll, great memories with our fellow doll collectors, a bit of history under our belts, and great anticipation for the second “Wilde Weekend” to look forward to.
Here is a picture of a centerpiece doll from one of the events as listed on Ebay:  

Photo from Ebay listing


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