October 13 Meeting

On Oct. 13 2012, a beautiful autumn day, several dressed for the season and there was laughter and hugs as we convened again for our monthly meeting. Deanna opened the meeting at 11:45.

President Deanna decked out in her Halloween chic

We had 27 reservations. Contact Judy B. with your Nov. meal choice of Turkey & Dressing or Baked Cod.

Our website designer Laura shared changes to the club’s new website: no password is required and no last names or phone numbers are listed, except contact information to events and monthly reservations. A motion was made and approved to accept the website.

Deanna asked for us to remember those with or their loved ones with health problems. We are thinking of you Pat F., Beve,  Sue, Carol D. and Barb P.  So happy to see Jean with hubbie Lyn!

Shirley and Jeanne visited and reported on Carolyn’s collection and recommended her to the club. A club vote followed and she was voted in as a new member. Welcome!

Michele  introduced speaker Jane with her wonderful display and program “Huret Fashion Doll, Clothes and Accessories”.  The November program will be “A Trail Ride with Cowboy and Cowgirl Dolls” given by Carol E.

Deanna introduced and welcomed guests Pam (Jane’s daughter) and Lyn (Jean’s husband).

Becky decorated the Travel Doll table and provided doll favors of sweet doll sized Halloween bags.

Becky and Kathy show off travel dolls.

Reports were made on upcoming events: Oct. 28, 2012 Olentangy Doll Show, June 22, 2013 Mardi Gras Jubilee luncheon with Wilde Imagination, July 31- Aug. 2, 2013 Washington D.C. bus trip ($50 down payment by the Nov. 17th meeting. Make checks to Lakefront Lines, not to Cleveland Doll Club) and the Dec. 2013 Cleveland Doll Club’s 75th Anniversary celebration. See this website for information and forms.

Barb J. announced the Nov. 11th fall program “A Day with Barbie” will be held at Jeanne’s house.  Next years fall 2013 Junior program will be held at Barb’s house and will include carving pumpkins.

The business meeting finished at noon and we all enjoyed eating lunch and chatting.

Ellie H with program speaker Jane L

Program: The display of gorgeous antique Huret dolls, their fashions and tiny accessories was truly amazing. Jane so graciously passed around treasures of doll boots, vinegarette, opera glasses and leather gloves. She educated us about the history and peculiarities of Hurets. And we learned how she began collecting for her beloved Hurets.

Deanna shared her beautiful reproduction Huret doll and accessories which were created for a club’s anniversary celebration. She encouraged us to think of making (and selling) items for our 75th Anniversary souvenir doll.

Thanks to Pat D. for this wonderful summary of the October meeting.  Scroll down to see pictures from the program.

Huret 2 and friends

Huret 3 – Rare Mold


Appropriately-sized trunk

Huret 2 with her beautiful bed

Tiny Treasures

Repro Huret and her accessories


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