The November Meeting was a Rootin’ Tootin’ Great Time!

Thank you Pat D. for submitting the following summary and photos from the November program!

The Program Doll Display:
To supplement her presentation, Carol and other club members shared their western dolls. Three tables were filled with representations of the cowboy/cowgirl eras, legends and popular icons. The dolls were a multitude of materials, sizes, manufacturers and characters. Some of these were even accompanied by their horses. A wonderful display!Cowboy Dolls - Sheriff Ginny and gang

The Doll Program:
What a high-falooting good time we had going down the memory lanes of our childhoods. Cowgirl Carol made a wonderful Excel presentation which brought us through the earliest history of cowboys and cowgirls.   She kept us on our toes with questions about cowboy facts, such as, true or false? Cowboys originated in Texas (false, they originated in medieval Spain, transported to Mexico and then up to Texas). Carol instructed us on how they developed here in the U.S.A., the variety of people who became cowboys and where they had originated. We became familiar with cowboy equipment which they used daily. Then she took us thru the late 1800’s popular images of a cowboy/cowgirl such as Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill. And the doll and toy world was not left behind with images and history of antique to modern examples. Mixed in with this were the cowboys/cowgirls of movies, books and television in the 1930’s thru 1960’s. We ended with everyone singing along to “Happy Trails”. Bravo Carol!

Cowboy Dolls - Shirley Temple and friends

Vogue dolls from the 1950's

Vogue dolls from the 1950’s

cowboy Dolls - Famous Westerners and mounts

Cowgirl Carol and Deputy

Cowgirl Carol and Deputy


Cowboy Dolls - MA and Sally Starr

Terri Lee and Bisques

Terri Lee and Bisques

Cowboy Dolls - cowgirls of the 40s

Cowboy Dolls - Howdy Doody


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