December Meeting: We Celebrated the Holiday with Tonner Dolls!

Once again, special thanks goes out to Pat D. for writing up this summary of the December 15th meeting and taking these pictures!

What a fun day we had at our annual Christmas Party! So many came dressed in festive and elegant holiday attire and many brought cards, candy, cookies and other goodies to share with club members, some arranging gift exchanges too. So the room was filled with color, laughter, hugs, oohs and aahs.

Our little travel dolls gathered on their special table and excitedly “told” each other stories of their Christmas wishes. Pat T. decorated the table for Christmas and provided little holiday treats for each doll. Thanks Pat!

Our president, Deanna, greeted us with holiday cheer and wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

Deanna also asked us to please remember those having a difficult time in our holiday and new year prayers, cards and wishes.

As is customary, the club collected cash donations for our selected charity. Then those funds were doubled per the wishes of the club and will be given to Forbes House (a battered women’s shelter).

The 2013 club trip to Washington D.C. is a GO! So Pat has asked all to complete their 1st payment now for those on the 4 payment plan. The 2nd payment is due by January 19th. Checks are to be made to Lakefront Lines and sent or given to Pat D. The trip form is on our website if anyone else wishes to join the fun.

The June 2013 Wilde Imagination Mardi Gras luncheon will be open to children 6 and older if they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. The price is the same: $160.  And a special offer is made to club members only. You may make 2 payments of $80 each if your 1st payment is in by January 19th. Checks are to be made to the Cleveland Doll Club and sent or given to Carol E.  The luncheon form is on our website for those wishing to attend.

The doll display was just spectacular! Six tables were filled and beautifully arranged with samples from Robert Tonner’s brilliant doll career. Sandy P. with daughters Tommie Jo and Jamie worked on the amazing display from 7:00-10:30 a.m. and their hard work showed. Collections of dolls were grouped together along with Christmas trees, tinsel, ornaments and other holiday and doll related accessories.

In their program, the three ladies gave a history of Robert Tonner from childhood to present. And they sprinkled it with many personal stories, some touching and some funny. Sandy, Jamie and Tommie Jo have worked behind the scenes with Robert Tonner at many of his events and conventions, as well as, serving as liaisons for Cleveland Doll Club events. Along with the stories and history, they introduced the long line of dolls from their personal collections.

Movies, old and new, have been a long love of Robert’s. His creations have been so realistic and the detail, accuracy and quality of the dolls and their ensembles top shelf so that the dolls have been sought after and are very popular. (Harry Potter, Narnia, Tim Burton’s Alice, Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and many Hollywood Stars and Legends such as Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford) Now the movie makers come to him first when ready to begin a movie.

And of course what child of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s did not read comic books? Marvel Comics and DC Comics heroes and villains are well represented by the Tonner Doll Company.

Robert also loved the old dolls of his childhood. He produced Miss Revlon in a totally new design but also was able to recreate the Little Miss Revlon in true to likeness face, body and ensembles as they were produced in the 1950’s. He bought the Effanbee Doll Company with the original molds and produced wonderful Patsys. Other dolls from his past were also reproduced like the beautiful Toni and darling Betsy McCall dolls.

But one type of doll is truly the “Tonner Doll” and those are his gorgeous collections of fashion dolls: American Models, Anne Harper, Kitty Collier, Wilde Imagination, Theatre de la Mode, Tyler Wentworth and so many more. Being a clothing designer in his earlier life and having a true sense of style since childhood, it was natural for Robert to turn to the world of dolls as another outlet of his tremendous talent.

He is also known for his big heart and he has been involved with charity and benefits. He is quite generous to his fans as anyone who has attended a Tonner event can tell you. In fact, when the ladies were done with their program, they handed out heavy Tonner shopping bags with some little surprises inside and our thanks go to the Robert Tonner Company.

It was a wonderful presentation with a beautifully arranged and awesome display, Sandy, Jamie and Tommie Jo, and we so appreciate all your hard work and the festive mood which it put us. Thank you and Bravo!

We had one last surprise as Deanna presented our club gift to us. Wendy had worked long and hard creating tiny treasures for us. Each piece was ladies jewelry remade into beautiful one-of-a-kind doll jewelry pins. Thank you Wendy, for a wonderful finale to our wonderful day.

Tonner Fashing and Movie Legends

Tonner Fashion and Movie Legends

Tonner Tiny Kitty Collection

Tonner dolls 22 - Wilde Imagination collection

Betsy and Jane

Betsy and Jane

Tonner Holiday Means Christmas

December Travel Dolls

December Travel Dolls

Program Presenter Sandy P. with Tommie Jo M. and Jamie M.

Program Presenter Sandy P. with helpers Tommie Jo M. and Jamie M.

Click here to see more pictures!


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