Bathing Beauty Doll Links

post written by Laura Bogush

As promised, here are the website links that I shared in yesterday’s program:

Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Nudes

This is the blog of Sharon Hope Weintraub, author of the book Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Nudes:  German Bathing Beauties and Their Risqu’e Kin.  She regularly posts pictures of her selected “Bathing Beauty of the Week” with descriptions.  I love her light-hearted writing style.  It’s definitely worth a look if you are interested in learning more about this doll collecting genre.

Mundial online catalog (good place to check for repros)

The link above will take you to the Mundial Company of Belgium catalog online.  This is the company that is currently reproducing many of the antique bathing beauties that are showing up on Ebay.

You’ll also find the above links on the “Links” page in the pink bar on the main page of this website.

Have fun!


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