April Message from Deanna

Special Passover and Easter greetings to everyone.
April 13th is the  date of our next meeting.  It is a week early. So I not only want to remind you
of the early meeting date butalso that I will be taking the reservations.  Lunch choicse are – Chopped Steak & onions, mushrooms  or  Baked Cod & Dill Sauce,Soup, and Key Lime Pie.  If you were at the March meeting the list was passed around for signup.  If not, please call or email me
and I’ll add you to the list.

Pat Dutchman is doing a program on celluloid dolls and I’m sure would appreciate any
dolls you can bring to share.

I’ve included an additional attachment – not only the March minutes but also the list of categories for May’s Doll Competition.
If you have questions, please bring them to meeting so we can discuss them.  spring wishes,  Deanna

Click here to see Competition Rules and Categories


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