April 13th Meeting: We are Celluloid

Many thanks to Jeannie K. for this summary of our club program and photos!

Program:  “WE ARE CELLULOID” presented by Pat D.

Pat D.

Pat D.

At our April meeting, we enjoyed learning about celluloid dolls, as well as other items made in this material.  It was developed in the 1860’s and was first used as a replacement for ivory.

Most of us had no idea that there was so much more made of celluloid than carnival Kewpies. Pat and several other members provided us with a grand display, large dolls, small dolls, nationality dolls, and even animals and wind-ups.  To quote Shirley K, “From the ridiculous to the sublime!” French manufacturers made them with high quality clothing, the German companies made them with great facial detail. The Parson-Jackson Company, based right here in our own Cleveland, was also represented.

In the 1940’s America outlawed the manufacturing of children’s things in celluloid because the material was flammable.  Pat then discussed ways to care for celluloid dolls, such as NEVER putting them in the microwave, and they should NEVER be stored next to a volcano.

German Celluloid Dolls

German Celluloid Dolls

French Celluloid Dolls

Celluloid Dolls from Japan and USA

Pat's Presentation

Pat’s Presentation

Baby in a Peanut

Baby in a Peanut



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