May 18th Meeting: Doll Competition

Thank you, Pat D. for the following summary of our meeting and photos!

Sandy and her doll competition committee arrived at 8 a.m. ready to move tables, place ribbon dividers between categories and create a staging area for members arriving and entering dolls at 10 a.m.

Part of the fun was finding the “right” spot for our dolls and there was much laughter, measuring of dolls and advice being sought from the committee.

During our business meeting the judges went through the room, comparing and judging the dolls. That was not an easy task and we give a big thank you to Shirley and Karen L.

After a delicious Italian Buffet lunch, the members hurried over to the ballroom next door and enjoyed seeing the wonderful display of dolls. We heard some surprised gasps as we saw which dolls won ribbons and many proud mamas in the room.

There were so many types of dolls from mid-1800’s to present-day; bisque, wood, celluloid, cloth, composition, plastic. Some of these dolls are rarely seen outside their homes. And we truly appreciate those who brought delicate items and antiques. We know we will see these dolls less and less at future competitions due to age and frailty.

“Doll with Other Uses” category was a fun addition, as we saw dolls made into a wisk broom, lamps, candy container, pajama holder and more.

“Doll with Book” category brought many comments like “I remember that book” and “I didn’t know there was a doll for that book”.

And of course we always look forward to what our club’s seamstresses and doll artists have come up with. They did not disappoint. Bravo ladies!

The Doll Competition Committee sincerely hopes that this doll exhibit was a learning experience for all members, and that everyone had a good time.

We congratulate the ribbon winners but we know not every doll can win. If we went home without a ribbon, remember that, because we shared, our members were able to add to their knowledge and enjoyment of dolls.

Wood Doll Before 1940

Wood Doll Before 1940

Pairs Before 1950

Pairs Before 1950

Dolls with Other Uses 1940's to Present

Dolls with Other Uses 1940’s to Present

Dolls under 11" 1985 to Present

Dolls under 11″ 1985 to Present

Doll and Book 1950 to Present

Doll and Book 1950 to Present

Doll Clothing Made by Owner

Doll Clothing Made by Owner

Compo Dolls 14" and over

Compo Dolls 14″ and over

Commercially-made Cloth Doll - European before 1950

Commercially-made Cloth Doll – European before 1950

Celluloid Under 12" Judge's Choice!

Celluloid Under 12″
Judge’s Choice!

Doll and Clothing made by Owner - Blue Ribbon!

Doll and Clothing made by Owner – Blue Ribbon!

Members can see more pictures on our CDC Shutterfly site.

Click here to see more!

The first time that you visit Shutterfly, you’ll have to request approval to become a site member.  When your CDC membership is verified by the websmaster, you will get an email to notify you that you have permission to view the site. 


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    • Pat, thank you so much for your wonderful meeting write-ups and fabulous pictures. You make being the webmaster easy! Thanks for providing such great content.

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