September 21st Program: “Convention Finds at UFDC’s Convention in Washington D.C.”

Summary and pictures submitted by Laura B.

Barb C., Shirley K., and Jeanne K. shared their experiences as club delegates/alternate to U.F.D.C.’s 64th Annual Convention held from July 29 to August 1, 2013 in Washington D.C.  The theme for the convention was “A Capital Affair” and focused on a theme of elegance as exemplified by first lady Mrs. Helen Taft.

Barb C. visited Ann Coleman’s home that was offered as a ticketed event on the Sunday before the convention opened.  Barb said that Ann’s home was “packed to the gills” with dolls displayed on the dining room table and kitchen countertops that were brought out especially for the visit.  Ann herself guided the tours, running up and down the stairs of her modest home.  Barb was amazed to see Ann still full of energy later than evening at the convention.  Click here to read more information about the Ann Coleman home tour on the UFDC website.

Barb also attended the “Chiffonette French Fashion Luncheon” and received a lovely illustrated book as a souvenir.  At the Evangeline Ghastley Dinner, Barb picked up the souvenir doll for Pam J.

Chiffonette Souvenir Book

Chiffonette Souvenir Book

Evangeline Ghastly Dinner Souvenir

Evangeline Ghastly Dinner Souvenir

Convention Souvenir Doll by Tonner

Convention Souvenir Doll by Tonner

Shirley K. was kept very busy as the head of judges for the Modern Competitive Exhibit.   She showed us the Convention Souvenir doll designed by Robert Tonner and described the 22″ centerpiece dolls that were designed by Mr. Tonner and available for purchase.  Click here to read about the centerpiece dolls and see photos on the UFDC website.   Although Shirley was busy, she still found time for the sales room and she shared her lovely finds.

Jeanne K. shared the beautiful dolls that she received at luncheons along with a doll and clothing for Bluette that she created at the Workshops she attended.  Click here to see many photos of workshop items on the UFDC website.

Outfit for Bluette, "Little Miss UFDC of Kansas City", Susan Fosnot workshop doll.

Outfit for Bluette, “Little Miss UFDC of Kansas City”, Susan Fosnot workshop doll.

The program also included a “show and tell” of purchases made by club members who went on the bus trip to Washington D.C. for shopping at the Convention Sales room and more fun. Here are some pictures of their purchases to enjoy. I apologize for the photography. I left my good camera at home so I snapped these with the camera on my cell phone. I tried to include all of the dolls, but some didn’t turn out well enough to post. I hope that you enjoy what is here!

































Visit the UFDC website for more pictures and fun information about the most-recent UFDC Convention.
Click here to go to the 2013 Convention webpage with lots of links!


Interested in the next UFDC Convention set for July 16-20, 2014 in San Antonio Texas? 
Click here to visit the UFDC website to get all of the information!


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