March 19 2016 “Super Heroes & Villains” by Christina S.



“Super Heroes and Villains” program by Christina S.

Presented for CDC/NODC Juniors on March 19, 2016

Synopsis and photos by Pat D.

            Christina grew up in the 70’s and she always loved the super heroes, her favorite being Batgirl. Her collection of memorabilia and dolls grew thru her adulthood life as a wife, mom and professional. She and hubbie were a dynamic duo who presented a fascinating and fun program, including the history of these comic book and movie characters, an awesome PowerPoint presentation and a truly amazing display of her collection. We all loved that she included theme songs and we sang along to Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and of course Superman.

Christina led the Juniors in a super hero themed craft while the senior members held the business meeting. And the kids were so happy to receive their goodie bags, which held a Super Girl ensemble for their American Girl dolls. Of course the boys received some super toys in their goodie bags. Sponsor Grandmas, Aunts and Adult Friends of the children were so happy to have fun together. Thank you Christina for such a wonderful day full of old and new memories.

Click here to see more pictures on the CDC Shutterfly Site

(For Cleveland Doll Club Members only)



History and Timeline of SuperHeroes:

            A super-hero is a type of costumed heroic character dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public and usually battling supervillains. While many have supernatural or super human powers, some do not possess these powers and are exceptionally smart and skillful and may have wealth and/or nifty gadgets. The word “superhero” dates back to at least 1917.

The first female superhero appeared as Fantomah, an ageless Egyptian woman, in 1940. The most popular of the DC Comic characters thru the years are Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. More recently many characters have taken on a darker tone but there are still plenty who are positive, fun and uplifting.   Super heroes have stood the test of time and are still popular 166 years later.

1850 to 1920s (The Beginning of the Super Hero)

1850-1900 (Penny Dreadfuls) – The folkloric Spring Heeled Jack came to be featured first as a villain, then as a crime-fighter with a disguise, secret lair, and gadgets, hallmarks of superheroes.

1900-1909 (Play) The Scarlet Pimpernel

1910s (Magazines) John Carter of Mars, The Night Wind, The Scarecrow, Zorro

1920s (Play) The Red Shadow and (Newspaper Comic) Buck Rogers

1930s to 1956 (The Golden Age of Comics)

1930s (Radio) The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, Green Hornet  and (Pulp Fiction) The Shadow, Conan the Barbarian, Doc Savage, The Avenger and (Newspaper Comics) Mandrake the magician, The Phantom, Dick Tracey, Flash Gordon and (Comic Books) Sheena, Superman, Batman, Crimson Avenger, The Flame, The Human Torch

1940s (Comics) Flash, Hawkman, Captain Marvel, Elecktro, Doc Strange, Catwoman, Robin, Green lantern, Daredevil, Red Tornado, Quicksilver, Black Widow, Captain America, Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Atom, Hawkgirl, Wildcat, Superboy, Miss America, Moon Girl, Captain Commando

1950s (Comics) Captain Comet, Flash, Legion of Super-Heroes, Super Girl, Adam Strange, The Fly, Green Lantern, Kid Flash   (Television) Captain Video

1956 to 1970 (The Silver Age of Comics)

1960s (Comics) Justice League, Captain Atom, Hawkman, Flygirl, Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Magnus, Iron Man, X-Men, The Avengers, Daredevil, Teen Titans, Silver Surfer, Batgirl, Banshee, Captain Mervel, Carol Danvers    (Television) Space Ghost, Birdman, The Mighty Heroes, Mister Terrific

1970 to 1985 (The Bronze Age of Comics)

1970s (Comics) Valkyrie, New Gods, Man-Thing, The Defenders, Ghost Rider, Shang-Chi, Punisher, Wolverine, Captain Britain, Spider-Woman, Black Cat, Black Lightning, Power Girl   (Television) G-Force, Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman

1980s (Comics) Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, She-Hulk, Electra, Rogue, Monica Rambeau, New Mutants, The Maxx, Lobo, Outsiders, Atari Force, Tennage Mutant Ninja Warriors, Femforce, Julia Carpenter, Zot, Fleur de Lys, X-Factor, Excaliber, Dawn    (Television) The Greatest American Hero

1985 to Present (The Modern Age of Comics)

1990s (Comics) Cable, Gambit, Deadpool, Jesse Quick, Bishop, Spawn, Stormwatch, Gen, Hellboy, Generation X, Starman, The Thunderbolts    (Movies) The Rocketeer, Meteor Man, Batman, Superman, Mystery Men     (Television) Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers

2000s (Comics) Black Fox, Night Eagle, Orpheus, Spike, X-Statix, Runaways, X-23, Doc Frankenstein, Young Avengers, Miss Martian, Anna Mercury, She-Hulk, Haunt, King Chimera, Gwenpool    (Movies) Green Lantern, The Incredibles, Catwoman, Sky High, Krrish, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Wolverine, The Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Zoom, MegaMind, The Dark Knight, Doctor Strange, Super, Ant-Man, Hancock, Vs, Deadpool, Chronicle, Big Hero 6    (Television) Ben 10, Dragon Knght, No Ordinary Family, The Cape, Alphas


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