The Benefits of Visiting the CDC Website 

Benefits of regularly visiting the CLEVELAND DOLL CLUB WEBSITE:

  • Easy, virus-free and secure access to the website on your computer tower, laptop, tablet or your cell phone using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Apple Safari, etc.)
  • No password or sign up is required to use the club’s website. (Sign-up only required for Shutterfly website to view pictures – see below)
  • Read the history of the club written by Pam J.
  • See the latest upcoming local events, such as, luncheons, conventions, doll shows, etc.   Most of these have links to the events.
  • Up to date club information is provided:
  • 2016-2017 meeting menus and reservation information
  • 2016-2017 meeting dates and programs with Travel Doll information
  • Sales Table guidelines and link to the Sales Table Item List form you can print
  • 2016-2017 Junior Member Activities and information
  • UFDC website link and newsletters from UFDC President & Region 12 Director
  • New members eligibility and process information plus a secure email link to Michele C. if someone is interested in attending a meeting
  • Monthly meeting and activity posts with a written summary report and a few pictures of each program or event.


Benefits of regularly visiting the SHUTTERFLY WEBSITE with the club’s photos:

    • This site is PRIVATE, for Cleveland Doll Club members ONLY.
    • On your first visit to Shutterfly, you’ll need to request access from webmaster and member Pat D. through an email link. Once you have been given access, you will create your own private password. Then you can visit the Shutterfly website anytime.
    • There is an easy, virus-free and secure access link through the Cleveland Doll Club website to the Shutterfly website.
    • View club pictures taken since Dec. 2012, including club members, programs, displays, travel dolls, activities, trips, etc. plus some scanned photos from long ago.
    • Registered members can upload and share photos and also download or purchase photos from Shutterfly. (They make fine quality photos, albums and other products)
  • A calendar of meeting dates, member birthdays and events is also included.


PJD     Sept 22, 2016


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