Sept 17 2016 “Summer Finds”

Sept. 17, 2016 “Summer Finds” program

Photos and summary by Pat D.

            Several members brought dolls to share with a very interested member audience. Some dolls were “found” by lucky recipients at doll shows, UFDC Washington DC Convention, online and luncheons while other dolls and/or ensembles were created by talented our ladies. There were many sounds of approval (ooooh’s and wow’s) from the club members. Thank you Ladies for sharing your wonderful dolls.

Carol E. – She shared memories of the UFDC “Kindred Spirits” convention, salesrooms at UFDC and Rowbears, the Tonner luncheon and a visit to a museum. This was her very first UFDC convention and she was still so excited. She also acquired her very first John R. Wright doll so lots of new adventures. From the UFDC salesroom were a Little Miss Revlon, a Tonner Patience and Magis felt dolls plus Boneka outfits fitting Macziak dolls. She also shared the UFDC convention souvenir doll and companion by Heather Macziak. Plus a Judy Rankine doll from Rowbears. And 2 workshops at the UFDC convention.

Pam J. – She shared memories and dolls from the UFDC and Rowbear sales rooms. From the Tonner luncheon “Wedding of Evangeline” in Washington DC, there was the lovely Evangeline bride souvenir doll and a resin Ellowyne in a long velvet gown; from Rowbears a Russian fairytale mermaid by A. Kukenova; a blue winged fairy from a Helen Kish luncheon; GiGi resin doll from Ruby Red Galleria; from the UFDC salesroom were Leek a BJD little girl, an 1860’s wax doll from the Carmel booth, an 1850’s style papier mache regional doll and a BJD little girl Ring doll. Plus Pam kept extra busy with 2 workshops making a bonnet and a gown.

Barb C. – Barb also attended the UFDC convention as a delegate and gave a full report of the UFDC and the Region 12 meetings. She was lucky to get into the 100 attendee Tonner/Dollsparts luncheon and received the new resin Huret doll. From the John R. Wright luncheon she shared the Tasha Tudor style souvenir dolls. And she and others visited the exhibit of doll houses dating from Tudor era to current at the National Building Museum.

Becky U. – She shared her newly acquired 2006 BJD Elfdoll with 5 different interchangeable faces.

Sue H. – She picked up crochet again and created Peter Pan and Wendy and Nutcracker dolls of her own pattern. She also created and clothed a fully articulated Queen Anne paper mache doll with working joints of her own design.

Pat T. – She shared her new BJD My Meadow doll named Laurel.

Julie D. – From an estate sale, Julie shared a gorgeous Bru reproduction by Patricia Loveless dressed in an elaborate Chinese style ensemble.

Jeanne E. – She shared a Russian boy and girl and a redressed Tonner doll in silver and black. She also redressed a DeDe Denton doll which was a gift from Tonner convention.

Deanna P. – From the Tonner convention salesroom was a lovely 1950’s bride doll and from Eileen G.’s doll show a Judy Rankine doll.



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