Nov 19 2016 Cat Purse Craft Project by Sue H

Nov 19 2016 Travel Doll Cat Purse

Craft Project by Sue H

Photos & summary by Pat D


            The Cleveland Doll Club’s Nov 19, 2016 meeting day featured a craft project, always a member favorite.

            Sue H had shown us a little travel doll purse sample of her own design, a few months earlier. Meanwhile she made individual packets with everything we needed; different colored threads, cord, buttons, pom-poms, felt.

            The day of the meeting she handed out the packets and then instructed us step by step on making the little purse. She had previously asked us to bring a needle and small fabric scissors so we were prepared and ready to make the purses. She continually went table to table to help us complete the project. There were a lot of smiles, light conversation and a few whoops!

img_6139 travel-doll-cat-purse


           It was truly a fun craft with excellent instructions and a darling result. Thank you so much Sue!!

img_6142 img_6141

            And a special thank you to Barb C who provided a treat for our travel dolls. She created a little world of a cooking class and made tiny aprons for all our travel dolls. So cute!!

travel-doll-baking-show-1 travel-dolls-1

           Note to CDC Members: Please log onto our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the craft project and show & share and travel dolls, plus pictures of our members enjoying the day.



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