Dec 17 2016 Dolls of Royalty by CDC Members

Dec 17 2016 program Dolls of Royalty

By CDC Members

Photos & summary by Pat D

              The Cleveland Doll Club’s Dec 17 2016 meeting day was a marvelous, festive and exciting one with everyone gathered during the holidays. Friends exchanged gifts and many handed out treats and/or cards. Following our club business meeting and a lovely meal, we gathered for a program on Royalty.

             Deanna P, Barb J, Dee C, Sandy P, Becky U, Carol E, Carol N, Pat D, Sandy S, Shirley K and Sue H all brought dolls to share. Each member spent a few minutes on their doll’s manufacturer, who whey depicted, personal connections, etc.


             Represented were Royalty dolls of Historical, Current Day, Special Event, Book or Fairytale, Movie or TV and Cultural categories. The dolls covered antique to modern and were of porcelain, plastic, vinyl, cloth materials, mostly purchased but some costuming and dolls were handmade.

         historical-royalty-2 current-day-royalty-6 current-day-royalty-4

historical-royalty-3 current-day-royalty-3

special-event-royalty-2 movie-tv-royalty-7 movie-tv-royalty-3 fairytale-or-book-royalty-4 fairytale-or-book-royalty-3 fairytale-or-book-royalty-2 cultural-royalty-2

             A special thank you to Becky U, our vice-president, for organizing and directing the ladies, their dolls and created categories for the dolls of Royalty. And a big thank you to all the members who participated. It was an amazing display and so fun and informational. Thank you everyone!

             Note to CDC Members: Please log on to our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the display, show & share and travel dolls, plus many pictures of our members enjoying the day.


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