April 15, 2017 Hanky Dress Workshop by Carol N.

Hanky Dress Workshop by Carol N.

Synopsis & Photos by Pat D.  (4-15-17)

After our business meeting and luncheon, we cleared the tables and brought out our scissors, pins, needles, dolls and lovely old hankies. Carol had a wonderful supply of ribbons, lace, thread and trims and even provided a sewing machine and ironing stations for us to use. She had quite a few of her dollies dressed in her own lovely hanky creations. There were dolls of all sizes from 4 inches up to 18 inches. It was impressive to see the variety of dress styles and the types of dolls who could be fit for them.

4-15-17 Hanky Workshop presenter Carol Noel



Carol began our workshop by teaching us how to make a pattern from a paper towel. We used the dolls we had brought as models and began pinning and marking the paper towel. Then she brought us through the process of pinning pleats, stitching and cutting the actual hanky. Lots of laughter and chatting throughout the room as we concentrated on our own creations. Most did not get beyond the paper pattern but there were 2 or 3 who completed their dresses.

What a wonderful day with friends and such a fun workshop. Thank you Carol!




And a special thank you to Carol N. who not only did our workshop but also provided sweet little baskets for our travel dolls.

4-15-17 Travel Dolls 1


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