July 13, 2017 “Dolls and Books” – A Day for Junior Members with Northern Ohio Doll Club


July 13, 2017 “Dolls and Books”

A Day for Junior Members with Northern Ohio Doll Club

Synopsis and photos by Pat D

What a fun, exciting, creative and exhausting day! So many club members worked hard to make this a wonderful, memorable day. And they exceeded their goal!

Display: Many members brought dolls and books for the display to supplement the large collection of Andrea P and Barb J. The display filled the whole end of one ballroom. The multiple tables were full of nursery rhyme, fairy tale and contemporary characters from children’s books. Thank you to all who brought their little darlings to share in the display and to Barb C who helped with setup.

Storybook Dolls Display 1

Raffle: The other ballroom end was totally filled with wonderful offerings for children and adults to buy tickets and drop them into bags for chances on winning them. Watching the girls giggle and gawk at all that was offered was precious to watch. Thank you to all who donated these and to Christina for organizing them.

Craft: Christina outdid herself as she premade individual 3-dimensional paper dolls with skirts made from 200 book pages each. The girls had a ball decorating their own doll and could use various paper punches to make butterflies, dots, shapes. The grandmas, Moms, Aunts and friends loved helping the girls in this craft.




Questionaire: The Junior Coordinators Andrea P, Barb J and Sandy S created another fun project for all in attendance. This was a list of questions, each regarding a clue to a book character. The girls and their sponsors worked together and the remaining adults worked at answering all the questions. Thank you ladies for this fun quiz.

Travel Dolls and Journalss: Each girl has a book to insert photos and comments about their Ginny travel dolls adventures and their day with the club. A table was set aside for the girls to display their dolls. Thank you Barb J for keeping track of this and encouraging the girls to keep their books up to date.

Program “Dolls and Books”: The 12 girls were lined up in a long row in front of the doll display. Andrea P. would dip her hand into a candy bowl and ask the girls if they knew the answers to each of the quiz questions. Hands would fly up and a correct answer was rewarded with a piece of candy. Andrea would then find the corresponding dolls or dolls in the display.

Storybook Program presenter Andrea P

Andrea P quizzes the girls on storybook characters

Junior member goodie bags: A big thank you to Sandy S for providing cute and sturdy bags printed with NODC Junior Member printed on them and the cuddly stuffed animals. Some sponsors had pre-purchased a “Little House on the Prairie” type dress made for 18” dolls like American Girl and they were included in the bag. And aprons to fit the 18” dolls were made by Barb P.  Also included in the bag was 3 masks, a paper doll sticker book, origami kit of Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella, a pencil and sharpener, an American flag, a set of dishes for their Ginny travel doll from Barb J, and some had a storybook wall decoration and a crown for an 18” doll. What a grand treasure bag of goodies!

It was a day to remember fondly and we all are looking forward to July 2018 when Sandy P will present the program “Raggedy Ann and Andy”.

NODC Juniors 2

Note to CDC Members: Please log onto our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the doll display and show & share and travel dolls, plus pictures of our members enjoying the day.



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