July 15, 2017 “Women Dressed for Marriage” by Ranelle G

July 15, 2017 “Women Dressed for Marriage” by Ranelle G

Synopsis and photos by Pat D

Ranelle G program presenterRanelle G, Pat D and Carol N and a few other members shared their collections in a beautiful and large display of brides, grooms, flower girls, ring bearers and family wedding photos.

Ranelle gave a very interesting program detailing the different attire and customs of brides around the world. And her information boards were filled with beautiful full color brides created by paper doll artist Tom Tierney. She also included a lovely poem about bride dolls.

Bride display 10

Here is a sampling of the great variety of brides attire and a few customs:

China: At the wedding she wears a bright red silk dress with gold embroidery. The long, loose gown reveals only the bride’s head, hands and toes. At the reception, the bride often changes gowns several times. 10-12 course meals is common at a Chinese wedding.

Mexico: Bridal attire varies as to the region from simple white cotton to a colorfully embroidered huipil with Spanish mantilla veils. Spicy rice, beans and tortillas and Mexican wedding cake made with nuts, dried fruit and rum is often served.

Sweden: Summer is prime wedding season with 20 hours of sunlight each day. The bride wears a crown of myrtle leaves and she and her bridesmaids may carry bouquets of fragrant weed to ward off trolls. A traditional wedding smorgasbord can last for 3 days.

Morocco: Weddings are usually in the fall after the harvest. The bride’s attire varies by region but it is all colorful with different hues having different meaning like good luck. The brides and their attendants are decorated with intricate temporary henna tattoos on hands and feet. A traditional wedding lasts up to seven days.

CDC Members and guests

A lovely group of friends, some past members, joined the fun.

Thank you to Ranelle for a wonderful program! And thank you to Ranelle and others who shared their lovely dolls.

Travel Dolls 1

Our Travel Dolls were the Wedding Guests.

Note to CDC Members: Please log onto our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the doll display and show & share and travel dolls, plus pictures of our members enjoying the day.





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