Oct 21 2017 Halloween Doll Artists by Pam J – Junior Meeting


Oct. 21, 2017 CDC Meeting with Juniors – Halloween Doll Artists by Pam J

Synopsis and photos by Pat D

Pam J, Barb C, Sandy S, Barb J and others created a wonderfully fun day for both Adult and Junior members (thank you to all who helped). Most of the girls and several adults dressed in Halloween costumes or attire which helped make a party mood.

There was an amazing display of table after table of Halloween dolls created by modern doll artists, most of which were from Pam’s collection, with other members filling in more dolls.

Along another wall were tables of raffle items for everyone to try their luck at winning. There was a special raffle for only the Juniors of a Wellie Wisher and some outfits. And our travel dolls had a wonderful and very fun display created by Linda C. and cute little broomsticks she made for our travel dolls. (thank you Linda!)

The Juniors arrived early to greet each other and begin a craft, a spooky black tree covered with Halloween decorations. Then Pam presented them with a darling pumpkin outfit to fit their Ginny travel dolls. The girls finished up the outfits and then dressed their dolls. These outfits were made by Pam. (thank you Pam!)

junior members and travel dolls

We all gathered for lunch after the adults finished their business meeting. Chili & baked potato buffet and chicken tenders & fries. And lots of brownies and cookies for dessert.

All settled down for Pam’s program. Pam told us how she began her collection. Then she asked the girls to find various types of dolls with certain attributes….a doll with unusual hair color, longest legs, favorite, etc.

After the program was the presentation of goodie bags for the girls and then the raffle prize tickets were drawn.

It was a memorable day for all.




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