May 20 2017 Doll Dioramas by Becky U.

May 20, 2017 Doll Dioramas – A Room with a View

By Becky Unger

Photos & Synopsis by Pat Dutchman

We were thrilled by Becky’s PowerPoint presentation showing details, descriptions and close-ups of some of the loveliest doll sized rooms, castles and furniture. Becky began with the famous Fairy Castle of Colleen Moore located at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL. A Hollywood movie star built herself a gorgeous miniature dream home, sparing no expense on the details. Then she shared it by touring the country to raise funds for children’s charities, especially appreciated as this was during the Great Depression. The photos of this sumptuous fairy castle were breathtaking.

Also in Chicago at the Art Institute are the city’s biggest collection of the miniscule, The Thorne Miniature Rooms. Sixty-eight tiny recreations of American, European and Asian interiors represent styles ranging from 13th century to the 1940s.

Becky then shared photos of doll sized rooms from her on-line groups. These are for fashion doll sized dolls such as for Tonner’s Tyler. The dolls enjoyed eating, drinking and entertaining at wonderful kitchens, living rooms, bars, patios and so on. The imagination and details were again so amazing in size, proportion, colors, etc.

She then showed us many fine examples of the furniture and accessories featuring some fashion sized dolls. A diorama box was a big hit as she showed us how to create a whole scene in a living room, then a woodland scene with Sleeping Beauty and the fairies, then with a few changes created a scene from Christmas Story, with Ralpie in pink bunny suit, the famous leg lamp and the good old Red Raider B-B gun.

Becky’s friend Ann Sereday came to share as well. She proclaimed not to be a “doll person” but showed us a whole world she had created for her granddaughter and her American Girl doll. Everything had to be foldable for storage as was stipulated by the girl’s mother. So, being engineers, she and her hubbie did just that and created an ocean and beach, foldable table and chairs and much more.

Two more shared their tiny doll dioramas. Linda Chample made a tiny seaside diorama for her little Hitty and Carol Noel shared her itty bitty house she had made for her little ones.

Thank you all for such an excellent program enjoyed by everyone there.

Pat Dutchman decorated a travel doll world called Butterfly Kisses and provided them each with clip on butterfly wings and flower head wreaths.

April 15, 2017 Hanky Dress Workshop by Carol N.

Hanky Dress Workshop by Carol N.

Synopsis & Photos by Pat D.  (4-15-17)

After our business meeting and luncheon, we cleared the tables and brought out our scissors, pins, needles, dolls and lovely old hankies. Carol had a wonderful supply of ribbons, lace, thread and trims and even provided a sewing machine and ironing stations for us to use. She had quite a few of her dollies dressed in her own lovely hanky creations. There were dolls of all sizes from 4 inches up to 18 inches. It was impressive to see the variety of dress styles and the types of dolls who could be fit for them.

4-15-17 Hanky Workshop presenter Carol Noel



Carol began our workshop by teaching us how to make a pattern from a paper towel. We used the dolls we had brought as models and began pinning and marking the paper towel. Then she brought us through the process of pinning pleats, stitching and cutting the actual hanky. Lots of laughter and chatting throughout the room as we concentrated on our own creations. Most did not get beyond the paper pattern but there were 2 or 3 who completed their dresses.

What a wonderful day with friends and such a fun workshop. Thank you Carol!




And a special thank you to Carol N. who not only did our workshop but also provided sweet little baskets for our travel dolls.


4-15-17 Travel Dolls 1

Mar 18 2017 Cartoon Characters of Steiff by Deanna & Nick P


Program: Cartoon Characters of Steiff by Deanna and Nick P.

Cleveland Doll Club’s day with our Junior Members

March 18, 2017 was a fun filled day for all the club members, both senior and junior. During the club business meeting, the girls worked on their travel doll journals, then made a craft together. They each received a bag filled with wonderful surprises; Minnie Mouse headband, candy, etc.



After lunch we all settled down for the program and started with a Warner Brothers cartoon. Deanna and Nick P took turns giving us the history, legends, the cartoon and movie characters, the art and  the artists, the voices and behind the scenes stories of Steiff, Disney and Warner Brothers. When they spoke of a movie or cartoon, they would stop and show us their framed movie cell or original artwork, dolls, toys and Steiff characters relating to those very things.

Deanna and Nick’s collection of original artwork was beautiful and their presentation was fun, entertaining, filled with interesting facts and brought the older members down memory lane to our own childhoods. Thanks to Deanna and Nick for a terrific program.


Wrapping up the day the raffle items were awarded. And was there ever a huge selection. The girls of ALL ages were so excited. There were many happy faces at the end of the day. Thank you to all those on the CDC Junior Committee and the girl’s sponsors for all their hard work in making it so special.

> Margarete Steiff: (7/24/1847 – 5/9/1909) “For children only the best is good enough”  A German seamstress who in 1880 founded Margarete Steiff GmbH, making toy stuffed animals known for their button in the ear identity and covered with luxurious mohair. The company is still currently in business.

> Walt Disney: (12/5/1901 – 12/15/1966) “If you can dream it, you can do it” He was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer, a pioneer of the American animation industry.

> Warner Brothers: (founded 4/4/1923 in Hollywood by brothers Sam, Jack, Harry and Albert)  WB is still an American entertainment company, film studio and film distributor. It’s one of the “big six” major American film studios.

Dec 17 2016 Dolls of Royalty by CDC Members

Dec 17 2016 program Dolls of Royalty

By CDC Members

Photos & summary by Pat D

              The Cleveland Doll Club’s Dec 17 2016 meeting day was a marvelous, festive and exciting one with everyone gathered during the holidays. Friends exchanged gifts and many handed out treats and/or cards. Following our club business meeting and a lovely meal, we gathered for a program on Royalty.

             Deanna P, Barb J, Dee C, Sandy P, Becky U, Carol E, Carol N, Pat D, Sandy S, Shirley K and Sue H all brought dolls to share. Each member spent a few minutes on their doll’s manufacturer, who whey depicted, personal connections, etc.


             Represented were Royalty dolls of Historical, Current Day, Special Event, Book or Fairytale, Movie or TV and Cultural categories. The dolls covered antique to modern and were of porcelain, plastic, vinyl, cloth materials, mostly purchased but some costuming and dolls were handmade.

         historical-royalty-2 current-day-royalty-6 current-day-royalty-4

historical-royalty-3 current-day-royalty-3

special-event-royalty-2 movie-tv-royalty-7 movie-tv-royalty-3 fairytale-or-book-royalty-4 fairytale-or-book-royalty-3 fairytale-or-book-royalty-2 cultural-royalty-2

             A special thank you to Becky U, our vice-president, for organizing and directing the ladies, their dolls and created categories for the dolls of Royalty. And a big thank you to all the members who participated. It was an amazing display and so fun and informational. Thank you everyone!

             Note to CDC Members: Please log on to our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the display, show & share and travel dolls, plus many pictures of our members enjoying the day.

Nov 19 2016 Cat Purse Craft Project by Sue H

Nov 19 2016 Travel Doll Cat Purse

Craft Project by Sue H

Photos & summary by Pat D


            The Cleveland Doll Club’s Nov 19, 2016 meeting day featured a craft project, always a member favorite.

            Sue H had shown us a little travel doll purse sample of her own design, a few months earlier. Meanwhile she made individual packets with everything we needed; different colored threads, cord, buttons, pom-poms, felt.

            The day of the meeting she handed out the packets and then instructed us step by step on making the little purse. She had previously asked us to bring a needle and small fabric scissors so we were prepared and ready to make the purses. She continually went table to table to help us complete the project. There were a lot of smiles, light conversation and a few whoops!

img_6139 travel-doll-cat-purse


           It was truly a fun craft with excellent instructions and a darling result. Thank you so much Sue!!

img_6142 img_6141

            And a special thank you to Barb C who provided a treat for our travel dolls. She created a little world of a cooking class and made tiny aprons for all our travel dolls. So cute!!

travel-doll-baking-show-1 travel-dolls-1

           Note to CDC Members: Please log onto our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the craft project and show & share and travel dolls, plus pictures of our members enjoying the day.


Oct 15, 2016 Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

“Murder, Mystery and Mayhem”

Oct 15, 2016 program by Pam J, Barb C and Pat D

Synopsis and Photos by Pat D

Pam dressed as the Red Queen, Barb as a Sherlock detective and Pat as a witch presented this seasonal program. A magnificent display of dolls representing the theme, a fabulous PowerPoint program, a contest for all the club member’s regarding their favorite costumes and yummy ghost cookies made by Pam made this such a fun filled day.

Thank you to Pam J, Barb C, Pat D, Barb J, Carol E and Shirley K for sharing their wonderful dolls with us.


Halloween: Pam began the PowerPoint presentation with a brief history of her favorite holiday. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (slightly creepy organ music) accompanied photos of dolls from Art Doll Quarterly’s 2016 Halloween issue and her own Halloween folk dolls.

Murder: Off with their heads! Pam took us thru history of Royalty behaving badly such as Elizabeth I and Henry VIII as well as poor, misunderstood Marie Antoinette. Of course the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland voiced her “Off With Their Heads” quite frequently. Various doll makers were represented by these groups and even included Miss Piggy and a head ejection action figure of Marie.


Mystery!  Funeral March of a Marionette music (Alfred Hitchcock theme) led into Barb’s portion which covered literature. Slides of dolls were shown of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet & Macbeth and several Grimm fairytales while she gave each a brief and humorous synopsis. She also covered other detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Bobbsy Twins, American Girl, etc.


Mayhem! Pat gave a brief history of Pirates and Witches along with a list of movies, tv, literature depicting these subjects. She also mentioned the mayhem caused by characters of Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Wizard of Oz, Court Jesters, Pied Piper, Ghosts, Vampires, Monsters, Mummys and Werewolves.  Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum music played thru a selection of Pirate dolls and Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra played thru the Witch dolls.


Creepy Dolls & Dark Ladies:  Pat remarked on the more than 50 creepy, horror movies about dolls created since 1929 and how so many people are afraid of dolls due to these movies.


Pam spoke about dark, mysterious dolls and rolled thru pictures while the music of Dark Lady by Cher and the  theme from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride played throughout.


Happy Ending: The Powerpoint closed with our travel dolls cheerily dressed for Halloween.



Sept 17 2016 “Summer Finds”

Sept. 17, 2016 “Summer Finds” program

Photos and summary by Pat D.

            Several members brought dolls to share with a very interested member audience. Some dolls were “found” by lucky recipients at doll shows, UFDC Washington DC Convention, online and luncheons while other dolls and/or ensembles were created by talented our ladies. There were many sounds of approval (ooooh’s and wow’s) from the club members. Thank you Ladies for sharing your wonderful dolls.

Carol E. – She shared memories of the UFDC “Kindred Spirits” convention, salesrooms at UFDC and Rowbears, the Tonner luncheon and a visit to a museum. This was her very first UFDC convention and she was still so excited. She also acquired her very first John R. Wright doll so lots of new adventures. From the UFDC salesroom were a Little Miss Revlon, a Tonner Patience and Magis felt dolls plus Boneka outfits fitting Macziak dolls. She also shared the UFDC convention souvenir doll and companion by Heather Macziak. Plus a Judy Rankine doll from Rowbears. And 2 workshops at the UFDC convention.

Pam J. – She shared memories and dolls from the UFDC and Rowbear sales rooms. From the Tonner luncheon “Wedding of Evangeline” in Washington DC, there was the lovely Evangeline bride souvenir doll and a resin Ellowyne in a long velvet gown; from Rowbears a Russian fairytale mermaid by A. Kukenova; a blue winged fairy from a Helen Kish luncheon; GiGi resin doll from Ruby Red Galleria; from the UFDC salesroom were Leek a BJD little girl, an 1860’s wax doll from the Carmel booth, an 1850’s style papier mache regional doll and a BJD little girl Ring doll. Plus Pam kept extra busy with 2 workshops making a bonnet and a gown.

Barb C. – Barb also attended the UFDC convention as a delegate and gave a full report of the UFDC and the Region 12 meetings. She was lucky to get into the 100 attendee Tonner/Dollsparts luncheon and received the new resin Huret doll. From the John R. Wright luncheon she shared the Tasha Tudor style souvenir dolls. And she and others visited the exhibit of doll houses dating from Tudor era to current at the National Building Museum.

Becky U. – She shared her newly acquired 2006 BJD Elfdoll with 5 different interchangeable faces.

Sue H. – She picked up crochet again and created Peter Pan and Wendy and Nutcracker dolls of her own pattern. She also created and clothed a fully articulated Queen Anne paper mache doll with working joints of her own design.

Pat T. – She shared her new BJD My Meadow doll named Laurel.

Julie D. – From an estate sale, Julie shared a gorgeous Bru reproduction by Patricia Loveless dressed in an elaborate Chinese style ensemble.

Jeanne E. – She shared a Russian boy and girl and a redressed Tonner doll in silver and black. She also redressed a DeDe Denton doll which was a gift from Tonner convention.

Deanna P. – From the Tonner convention salesroom was a lovely 1950’s bride doll and from Eileen G.’s doll show a Judy Rankine doll.