Cleveland Doll Club members are very proud of our history.
We have been playing with dolls together since 1938.

Here are some notes about our history
written by Pam:

Our club’s story begins with the National Doll and Toy Collector’s Club.  In September 1938, Mary E. Lewis came to the Cleveland May Company to preside and promote doll collecting by sponsoring a doll show which featured over a thousand dolls of all types and nationalities.  She also came to Cleveland to organize a local chapter for anyone interested in joining.  Membership was open to all with a collection of ten or more dolls regardless of age or type.

By October 1938, the club was organized and it was called The Cleveland Doll Club.  Its first meeting was held in the Cleveland Public Library with Mrs. Mary Lewis representation the National Doll Club.  Our first president was Mrs. Paul W. Wadsworth.  Fifty members were present and officers were elected.

On Christmas Day in 1938, the Cleveland Doll Club officially became part of the National Doll and Toy Collectors’ Club as the Cleveland Unit No. 5.  The club’s official name became the National Doll and Toy Collectors’ Club Cleveland Unit No. 5.

For the club’s first anniversary in September 1939, Mary Lewis returned and was the guest speaker at their meeting.  She also presided over the Second National Doll Show held in the May Company which featured a thousand dolls on display from collectors and museums.

By December 1939, the club was meeting at Higbee’s for a meeting and program.  Lunch was optional and offered at the Silver Grill Restaurant at a cost of $0.65.

The Cleveland Doll Club is very much in debt to the first group of women who founded the club in 1938.  They set standards and policies that are honored today.  Their outstanding organizational skills provided the framework for the Cleveland Doll Club to continue to grow and learn about dolls and other doll collectors.  We are indeed grateful to these women.