Sales Table

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You must submit a completed list with your items.  Be sure to read the guidelines below.

From the Cleveland Doll Club Constitution:  

This activity is a fundraiser for the club.  The club receives ten percent (10%) commission for each item sold through the sales table.  Club policy is that members buy and sell items only through the sales table and that the commission is acknowledged and paid on the honor system.  The sales table is open only before the meeting is called to order.  All other rules and standards are determined by the committee and placed on file with the Recording Secretary after discussion with the membership.

Sales Table Guidelines

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1.  The sales table is open from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., prior  to our meeting/luncheon/program. Only members may place items on the sales table for members and guests to purchase.

2.  All sales items are to be sold from the sales table.

3.  Each member is requested to place a maximum of eight (8) items at any one time on the sales table, thus enabling all members equal opportunity to limited space.  If you have more than eight items, as the items sell, you may replenish the table.

4.  A complete list of items and their respective prices and the member’s name must be given to the sales table representative before any items may be placed on the table.  Please wait with your items while the representatives review your list and check in your items.  The seller is responsible for all their items placed on the table, not the club or their representatives.

5.  All items must be clearly tagged with (1) last name of the seller, (2) item number corresponding to the same item number on the list, and (3) the price.

6.  Club members may sell only their own items and will be expected to stay for the entire meeting and program for this privilege.

7.  Shoppers may not remove any item from the sales table unless you have paid for it.  Should you want to consult a friend regarding a purchase, the friend will need to join you at the table.

8.  The club receives a 10% commission for each item sold.  Consequently, all money must be filtered through the sales table representatives.  The club has agreed that there is to be no buying or selling of dolls and related items privately between members at club meetings.  Please respect this policy.

9.  Payment by cash is preferred.  If writing a check, please make the check out payable to the seller.

10.  Once the sales table is closed, the sales table representative will reconcile members’accounts.  Remember to pick up any unsold items from the sales table before going home.

Thank you for your cooperation.