New Members

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Cleveland Doll Club?


  • Any person age eighteen years or older who shows an interest in doll collecting and owning a personal collection of no less than ten dolls may apply for membership.


  • A prospective member must be sponsored by an active member of the Cleveland Doll Club.
  • A prospective member attends three meetings as a guest and pays the cost of the meal served at the meeting.  Guests are introduced at the meetings and encouraged to get to know members.
  • At the third meeting, the prospective member is given a membership application.  A team of two or more club members volunteer to visit the home of the prospective member to view his/her doll collection.
  • At the next regular monthly meeting after the home visit, the visitation team members report on the prospective member’s collection and visit and then make a recommendation by motion for or against membership.  An affirmative action by the majority of active members present at the meeting is required for membership.  The President may initiate a yes/no vote by written ballot.  Ballots will be counted by the President with results reported to members in attendance.  The prospective member shall be absent from this meeting or otherwise not be present when the report and voting takes place.
  • The newly-elected member may be notified of membership election immediately by his/her sponsor.

If you are interested in becoming a Cleveland Doll Club member, but do not know a current club member to act as your sponsor, please contact the club activities director through the form below.