2016-2017 Junior Member Activities

Hope you and your Junior member are having great summers!

We so enjoyed our superhero program by guest Christina Stewart in March. Many of the girls were also able to participate in Northern Ohio Doll Club’s Junior program on Native American dolls, coordinated by Barb J. Many members spoke and/or shared dolls  spanning our continent. In the late summer/early fall, the girls will have an offsite activity introduced in March helping an animal shelter.

We are really excited about our March 18, 2017 meeting for the girls. Deanna P. and her husband Nick will be sharing their collection of Steiff characters based on animation art. They also have original art pieces on which the figure is based. This unique program will be a rare opportunity to understand the “behind the scenes” process of bringing these beloved imaginary characters to life. We are grateful for their willingness to share.

Because Cleveland Doll Club will no longer be meeting in January and February, it will be especially important that you plan ahead with your Junior and her family and stay on top of reservation dates. We will want to have any new Junior member who will be participating registered by the end of November. Juniors must be aged 5-17, own ten dolls and be sponsored by a CDC member who will accompany her to activities and meetings. Forms for new Juniors, which require a parent signature, are available from me.

It is so much fun to watch the girls as they grow and develop their interest in dolls. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for your support of this freat adjunct to our club.

Barb C.  (Coordinator CDC Junior Members)