May 20 2017 Doll Dioramas by Becky U.

May 20, 2017 Doll Dioramas – A Room with a View

By Becky Unger

Photos & Synopsis by Pat Dutchman

Becky Unger - presenter

Ann Sereday and Becky Unger

      We were thrilled by Becky’s PowerPoint presentation showing details, descriptions and close-ups of some of the loveliest doll sized rooms, castles and furniture. Becky began with the famous Fairy Castle of Colleen Moore located at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL. A Hollywood movie star built herself a gorgeous miniature dream home, sparing no expense on the details. Then she shared it by touring the country to raise funds for children’s charities, especially appreciated as this was during the Great Depression. The photos of this sumptuous fairy castle were breathtaking.

      Also in Chicago at the Art Institute are the city’s biggest collection of the miniscule, The Thorne Miniature Rooms. Sixty-eight tiny recreations of American, European and Asian interiors represent styles ranging from 13th century to the 1940s.

      Becky then shared photos of doll sized rooms from her on-line groups. These are for fashion doll sized dolls such as for Tonner’s Tyler. The dolls enjoyed eating, drinking and entertaining at wonderful kitchens, living rooms, bars, patios and so on. The imagination and details were again so amazing in size, proportion, colors, etc.

      She then showed us many fine examples of the furniture and accessories featuring some fashion sized dolls. A diorama box was a big hit as she showed us how to create a whole scene in a living room, then a woodland scene with Sleeping Beauty and the fairies, then with a few changes created a scene from Christmas Story, with Ralpie in pink bunny suit, the famous leg lamp and the good old Red Raider B-B gun.

      Becky’s friend Ann Sereday came to share as well. She proclaimed not to be a “doll person” but showed us a whole world she had created for her granddaughter and her American Girl doll. Everything had to be foldable for storage as was stipulated by the girl’s mother. So, being engineers, she and her hubbie did just that and created an ocean and beach, foldable table and chairs and much more.

      Two more shared their tiny doll dioramas. Linda Chample made a tiny seaside diorama for her little Hitty and Carol Noel shared her itty bitty house she had made for her little ones.

     Thank you all for such an excellent program enjoyed by everyone there.

      Pat Dutchman decorated a travel doll world called Butterfly Kisses and provided them each with clip on butterfly wings and flower head wreaths.

butterfly kisses - travel dolls 4

Note to CDC Members: Please log onto our Shutterfly website so you may see all the photos of the doll display and show & share and travel dolls, plus pictures of our members enjoying the day.


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